What's new in 12.60.10 (CP8)

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in ALM Octane version 12.60.10.

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General improvements

The following enhancements are now available:

Send by email improvements

When sending an item by email, assigned users such as Owner and Author are presented first in the To: list.

New Overview tab in Requirements module

The Requirements module now features an Overview tab. The Overview tab contains widgets that track the development progress and quality of requirements.

With the new tab, we are introducing two new widgets: Feature by Requirements and Open Defects by Requirements.

You can customize the page to display the widgets that suit you best.

For details, see Analyze requirements.

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Quality and Agile improvements

The following quality and Agile enhancements are now available:

Enhancement Details
Extended milestone support

Until now, milestones were displayed in the project timeline only. In this release, we've enhanced milestone usability to include the following:

  • Assign work items (features, user stories, quality stories, and defects) to milestones.
  • Filter and group grids by milestone.
  • Customize widgets with milestones along the x-axis or in a filter.
Sprint in test runs

We've added the sprint field to manual test runs and run plans. You can now:

  • Filter test runs by sprint.
  • Create custom graphs for test runs by sprint.
Splitting user stories When you split a user story, values of user-defined fields are now copied to the new story too.
Refined automation criteria

We have tweaked the definition of the Automation field in the Criteria section of the Quality by Application Module widget.

The field now represents manual and Gherkin tests set to Automated, in addition to automated tests, providing a more accurate situation report.

For details, see Quality by application module.

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CI Pipelines

When using Code coverage widgets, you can now use the widget configuration's Scope settings to define which package to view as the root of the chart.

For details, see Track code coverage in pipeline runs.

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JIRA i18n support: ALM Octane now supports synchronization with JIRA projects configured in non-English languages.

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UFT integrations

If you rename a UFT test in Git, the test is renamed in ALM Octane, if the test was committed without additional changes.

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IDE integrations

Visual Studio. You can copy and paste a generated commit message into your SCM system.

Download the newest plugin to use this feature.

For details, see Update your items.

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Help Center enhancements

The Help Center now provides online help for installing ALM Octane on Linux and Windows, and installing Synchronizer. This is in addition to the PDF installation guides.


For a list of REST API changes, see What's changed in the REST API.

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