What's new in 12.60.16 (CP8)

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in ALM Octane version 12.60.16.

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The following administration and customization enhancements are now available.

Definition of Done (DoD) rules

A new rule timing option, that is triggered when related entities are changed, has been added. This new option can be used to create rules such as "Definition of Done".

Here are some examples of rules you can now create: 

  • Set user stories to Done when all related tasks are Done.

  • Set features to Done when all related stories are done and there are no high, critical defects associated with the features.

  • Set user stories to In Progress when one of its tasks is moved to In Progress.

This feature is available for Features and User Stories. The conditions can be based on: Children Count or Child Task Count. 

For details, see Design business rules.

Customize entity labels (Enterprise Edition)

Customize labels in the ALM Octane UI according to your organization's needs and languages. You can customize all labels systematically according to a pre-defined methodology, such as Agile, Waterfall, Spotify, or change individual labels.

For details, see Customize entity display labels (Enterprise Edition).

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IDE plug-ins

The following enhancements are now available for IDE plugins:

  • SSO support using SaaS federated accounts for IDE plugins. The ALM Octane plugins for IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse IDE can now connect to ALM Octane using SaaS federated accounts.

    For details on connecting, see the documentation for your IDE: IntelliJ IDEA Eclipse

  • Modify items. You can now modify work items when using the ALM Octane plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

    For details, see Update your items.

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CI Pipelines

These CI Pipelines enhancements are now available: 

  • You can now track security vulnerabilities using static code analysis tools other than Fortify on Demand (technical preview). This is done by pushing vulnerability issues detected by the tool into ALM Octane using the ALM Octane REST API.

    If you have integrated with Fortify on Demand or other static code analysis tools, you can now view details on security vulnerabilities in both the Pipeline and Backlog modules.

    For details, see Track security vulnerabilities.

  • In a pipeline's Tests tab, the Commits pane on the right side has been replaced with a new Related Users pane. This contains details on assigned users, recommended users, and other related users, to help you decide who should handle issues in a selected pipeline run or test failure.

    For details, see Expand your test failure analysis.

  • Until now, you could only associate commits with backlog items automatically, which is done using a specific commit message pattern. In this release we've added the ability to manually associate commits with backlog items to help you handle commits that have the wrong message pattern or no message at all.

    For details, see Associate commits with backlog items.

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The following agile enhancements are now available:

Enhancement Description
Update work hours

In some cases, your initial work hours estimation might not reflect your actual progress. In such cases, you can disconnect the relationship between your invested hours and your remaining hours and edit them separately.

For details, see Work on your stories.

New Target Sprint field in features

You can now associate a feature with a target sprint.

This means that you can filter feature lists by sprint, and that graph widgets that are based on features can be displayed by target sprint.

Actual story points in graphs You can now create graphs displaying features by their aggregated actual story points.

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The following quality enhancements are now available:

Enhancement Description
Release sorting Releases are now sorted by date. The release with the latest start date is displayed first.
New status for manual test runs and steps

A new Skipped status has been added to test runs and test steps.

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Synchronizer enhancements

Synchronizer now supports synchronization of multi-value lists between ALM or JIRA and ALM Octane. This includes lists in the following field types: release, team, user, and string.

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For a list of REST API changes, see What's changed in the REST API.

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