What's new in 12.60.4 (CP7)

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in ALM Octane version 12.60.4.

On-premises: For other enhancements in the 12.60.4 (CP7) on-premises release, see also: What's new in 12.55.32 (CP7) and What's new in 12.55.25 (CP7).

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User management

Roles and permissions

In the previous update we enabled you to create custom roles. In addition to that, you can now:

  • Customize predefined roles. Assign and remove permissions of the predefined roles.

  • Rename user-defined roles.

For details, see Assign roles and permissions.

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The following usability enhancements are now available:

Area Enhancement
Application Module Details tab

Use the new Details tab to add user defined fields to an application module and apply cross-filters in the Backlog and Team Backlog modules and in the Dashboard.

For details, see Build and maintain the application module tree.

Analyze requirements

You can now display Requirements data in custom summary widgets.

Select Requirements as the data source, or display test or test run coverage of requirements.

For details, see Analyze requirements.

Export test runs

Export manual and Gherkin test run steps to an Excel spreadsheet. You can export up to 20 test runs.

For details, see Export test steps.

Toolbar changes

We’ve moved the Choose Columns, Sort, Group By, and Full Screen buttons to the right side of the toolbar.

High contrast theme You can now apply a high contrast theme to your UI from your personal details area.
Cross filter users by team You can now cross filter items according to a user’s team. For example: Create a filter that lists test runs that are assigned to all users in a team.
StormRunner Functional integration When analysing results of automated StormRunner Functional tests, you can now open the detailed StormRunner Functional report directly from the Tests tab.

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IDE integrations: Eclipse

You can now modify items when working in the ALM Octane plugin for Eclipse. Download the newest ALM Octane plugin for Eclipse to use this feature.

For details, see Update your items.

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Pipelines and CI servers

The following enhancements have been made in the Pipelines and CI servers area:

Improved automated test assignment rules

You can now create test assignment rules to automatically populate automated tests with the following fields: test framework, test type, test level, and testing tool. For details, see Create and manage test assignment rules.

Expanded TFS support

In addition to Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2017, ALM Octane now supports integration with TFS 2015 as a CI server.

Pipeline UI enhancements

  • The Analysis tab has been replaced with the Builds and Tests tabs, helping you troubleshoot problems quickly. The main pipeline landing page is now called the Overview tab.

  • The Tests tab now includes a Filter pane, to quickly focus on the tests that are most relevant to you.

  • In the Builds and Tests tabs, you can navigate between runs using the Run selector in the upper right corner. Note that the Overview tab always shows the latest run.

  • The Run pipeline button has been replaced with a menu command. To run a pipeline manually, open the Pipelines module and select a pipeline in the left pane. From the pipeline's menu options, select Run.

  • The Failure analysis widgets were removed. Instead, this information is displayed in the context of the Builds and Tests tabs.

  • The Not Me button is available in the upper right corner of the Builds and Tests tabs on the main Pipeline landing page. The button has been removed from the Pipeline run form.

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GDPR: Conditions For Consent

ALM Octane can display customized terms indicating how personal data will be processed. The user can consent or log out. If the user consents, the date and time at which the consent was given is recorded and can be accessed using the ALM Octane UI or REST API.

For details on setting up the conditions for consent, see GDPR_REQUIRE_USER_CONSENT in Configuration parameters.

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The following administration and customization enhancements are provided:

Area Enhancement
Delete workspaces Space admins can now delete workspaces from the UI (Settings > Spaces) and using the REST API. For details, see Delete workspaces and, Example: DELETE a specific workspace.
Assign space admins

Site admins can now view and assign space admins from the Site module in the new Administrators column in the Spaces tab.

For details, see Edit space admins.

Easy navigation

Easily navigate from SiteSpaces to the space settings by clicking the Go to Space button.

Available for site admins who are also the space admin for the selected space.

New mail format with customized headers and footers The new email style supports customized headers and footers. For details, see the MAIL_FOOTER and MAIL_HEADER parameters in Configuration parameters.

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When synchronizing with JIRA, you can now map multiple JIRA projects to a single ALM Octane workspace. For details, see Prepare for JIRA synchronization.

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LDAP (on-premises)

The following LDAP enhancements have been introduced:

Matching LDAP users to existing ALM Octane users

When importing LDAP users, ALM Octane matches the LDAP users to existing internal ALM Octane users.

This means that all ALM Octane entities and actions associated with the original internal ALM Octane users are kept. For example, backlog items owned by the users remain theirs, and history is retained.

For details, see Set up LDAP (on-premises).


When filtering the list of users to include, you can now use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard that represents any number of characters.

For details, see Include existing users into a workspace.


For a list of REST API changes, see What's changed in the REST API.

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