Logon and connect to the Influx database

This section explains how to log onto OneAnalysis and connect to the Influx time series database server used for storing the data.

Log onto OneAnalysis

This section explains how to log onto OneAnalysis.

  1. Open your web browser and type the OneAnalysis URL in the following format: http://localhost:5000

    The OneAnalysis Login window opens.

  2. Enter the user name and password assigned to you by your site administrator.

    Note: You can change the user name and password in the appsettings.json file located in the OneAnalysis installation directory.

  3. Click the Login button. OneAnalysis opens.

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Connect OneAnalysis to your InfluxDB

This section describes how to connect to your time series database server from your source model.

  1. Prerequisites

    Make sure you have installed and configured an InfluxDB time series database, and configured the connection to your InfluxDB analysis server from your source model. For details, see Install InfluxDB and connect to your source model.

  2. Log on to OneAnalysis. For details, see Log onto OneAnalysis.

  3. The first time you use OneAnalysis, click the Set Database for Analysis button in the Welcome page. The Time Series Database page opens.

    Tip: You can also configure or edit time series database server connection settings by clicking in the OneAnalysis masthead.

  4. Configure the connection to your time series database:

    UI Elements Description
    Name The name given to the server.
    Description A description of the server.
    DB Type

    Displays the database server type, InfluxDB.

    Note: This field is read-only.

    Server URL The URL for the server.
    Server Port The port number used by the database server.
    InfluxDB authorization
    • Database Name. The name of the Influx database server.

    • User. The user name to access the Influx database server.

    • Password. The password to access the Influx database server.

    Proxy authentication
    • Proxy Server. The name of the proxy server.

    • User. Enter the relevant user name for the HTTP connection.

    • Password. Enter the relevant password for the HTTP connection.

  5. Click Test and Save.

    OneAnalysis checks the connection to the database and saves the connection details.

    If the connection is successful, the Runs page opens and automatically displays test runs from all supported source models that are connected to the specified InfluxDB server.

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