Linux installation

This topic describes how to download and install OneAnalysis on a Linux machine.

Note: OneAnalysis is supported on Linux-Ubuntu distributions only.

Install on Linux

To run the installation on a Linux-Ubuntu distribution:

  1. Prerequisites

    • Make sure you are logged in with root (superuser) permissions.

    • Make sure you have installed and configured an InfluxDB time series database, and configured the connection to your InfluxDB server from your source model. For details, see Install InfluxDB and connect to your source model.

  2. Download LoadRunner Enterprise.

    1. Open the LoadRunner Enterprise page on the Micro Focus Evaluation Portal.

    2. Download the file.

    3. Extract the contents of the zip file.

  3. Launch the OneAnalysis installation.

    OneAnalysis is installed using the OneAnalysis_2021.01_amd64.deb file which is located in the Additional Components/OneAnalysis/Linux folder of the download package.

    1. Run the following command to install the package:

      sudo apt-get install /<full_path_to_.DEB_file>
      Sudo apt-get install /<download package>/Additional Components/OneAnalysis/Linux/OneAnalysis_2021.01_amd64.deb
    2. The Debian package is installed under /srv/MicroFocus/OneAnalysis/.

      The package creates a system service named oneanalysis which it runs automatically.

Run commands

Below are some useful commands:

Action Command
Verify service status

sudo systemctl status oneanalysis

Stop the service

sudo systemctl stop oneanalysis

Start the service

sudo systemctl start oneanalysis

Launch OneAnalysis if service is not running or cannot be run


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Deploy Dockerized images

Docker is a platform that allows you to develop, ship, and run applications via a container. You can run OneAnalysis inside Docker containers, using a Linux Dockerized image.

You can pull the OneAnalysis Docker image for Linux from the performance testing page in the Docker hub. Use the following command:

docker pull performancetesting/microfocus_one_analysis_linux

For instructions on running a Dockerized image on Linux, see the LoadRunner Enterprise or LoadRunner Professional Installation guide.

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Uninstall from Linux

  1. Run the following with root (superuser) permissions:

    sudo apt-get remove <oneanalysis>
  2. At the uninstall prompt, press 'y' to permanently remove OneAnalysis.

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