Installation overview

This section describes the OneAnalysis shared data model and the installation requirements.

About the OneAnalysis shared data model

OneAnalysis is a shared data model that enables you to view your testing metrics in real time from multiple source models.

It works by integrating the source model with a time series database which allows you to stream aggregated or raw data and view your testing metrics in real time.

Any source model that is configured to work with a time series database automatically pushes data to the InfluxDB server, which in turn is read in OneAnalysis.


Using an InfluxDB database enables you to store data from different test runs on different Controllers in one location. This integration helps you perform over-time analytics tasks, and provides the following benefits:

  • Easy access to live and post-run data.

  • Enables viewing the test's progress using the monitoring tool of your choice.

  • Consolidates date from different source models in a single, centralized tool.

Supported models

Supported source models currently include LoadRunner Enterprise, LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Cloud, and LoadRunner Developer.

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Install InfluxDB and connect to your source model

The first steps in the integration are installing the InfluxDB server database and connecting it to your source model.

Action How to
Install InfluxDB

InfluxDB download

For supported InfluxDB versions for LoadRunner Enterprise and LoadRunner Professional, see System and protocol requirements.

Connect InfluxDB to source model

Configure a connection to your InfluxDB server from your source model.

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Install OneAnalysis

You can install OneAnalysis on a Windows or Linux (Ubuntu) platform. For details, see Windows installation and Linux installation.

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