Select a run to analyze

This section explains how to select a test run to analyze.

Open the Runs page

This section describes how to open the Runs page.

  1. Log on to OneAnalysis. For details, see Log onto OneAnalysis.

  2. The first time you log on to OneAnalysis, you need to set a database for analysis. For details, see Connect OneAnalysis to your InfluxDB.

  3. After configuring the connection to your time series database, the Runs page opens by default when you log onto OneAnalysis.

Tip: You can also open the Runs page by clicking in the masthead.

View runs for a selected week

You can view the number of test runs for a selected week range in the Number of Runs per week pane.

  1. Open the Runs page. For details, see Open the Runs page.

  2. In the Number of Runs per week pane, click Choose date range. The Choose Week Range dialog box opens.

  3. Click and select a year and month.

  4. Drag the slider to select the week range that you want to view. The number of runs for each day of the selected week are displayed in the upper pane.

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Select a run for analysis

This section explains how to filter the Runs grid and to select a run to display.

  1. Open the Runs page. For details, see Open the Runs page.

    The Runs page automatically displays test runs from all of the LoadRunner family products in the lower pane.

    UI Elements Description
    Run ID

    Run ID of the test run in the format: 



    Indicates the LoadRunner product from which the data was gathered.

    • LRP -LoadRunner Professional

    • LRE - LoadRunner Enterprise

    • LRC - LoadRunner Cloud

    • LRD - LoadRunner Developer

    Start Date Time that the test run started.
    End Date Time that the test run ended.
  2. You can sort and filter runs displayed in the Select a Run for the analysis pane using the following:

    Click to sort column data in ascending or descending order
    Click the filter box under the column you want to filter, and enter text to filter.
    Click to add more fields to the filter condition, using the various logical operators that are available (such as Equals, Does not equal, Less than, Greater than, Between, Contains, Does not contain, Starts with, Ends with, Reset).
    Click to select a start or end date for a test run.
  3. Select a run to analyze.

    Click the Run ID link of a run that you want to analyze. The summary graphs page for the selected run opens.

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