Transaction Insights

Available in versions: OneAnalysis version 2021 R1 and later

This topic describes how to use Transaction Insights to get a deeper understanding on the performance of transactions in your performance and load tests.


Transaction Insights provides detailed information and insights about how your transactions perform. It superimposes in a single line graph the total number of running Vusers, transactions, transaction response time, and a breakdown of each transaction's performance.

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View Transaction Insights

  1. Select a run to analyze as described in Select a run to analyze.

  2. Under Smart Analysis, select Transaction Insights.

    OneAnalysis displays the data for running Vusers, total transactions, total transaction response time, and a breakdown of each transaction's performance.

  3. Toggle the Detailed/Aggregated button to configure how OneAnalysis processes result data from test results.

    • If you chose Detailed, the graph displays transaction names and times for each transaction from the test results.

    • If you choose Aggregated, OneAnalysis aggregates all transactions from the test results. Data aggregation reduces the size of the database and shortens processing time in large tests.

  4. Customize the display of measurements in your session so that you can view the data displayed in the most effective way possible.

    1. Select the number of transactions to display in Show Top <X> Transactions. OneAnalysis lists the top 5, 10, or 15 transactions that have the maximum value for the selected attribute.

    2. Select the attribute by which to filter transactions: Passed, Failed, or Stopped.

    3. You can control and customize the appearance of the individual points plotted in the graph:

      Show or hide measurements

      You can determine the measurements that are displayed in the graph by selecting a transaction in the grid and clicking the display measurement icon ( indicates the measurement is hidden).

      Assign colors to measurements

      You can apply color preferences to make specific transactions more recognizable.

      1. In the measurements grid, select a transaction and click its color icon.

      2. Select a color from the drop-down list and click OK. The color is applied to the transaction.

      The Transaction Insights graph and list of measurements is updated according to your selection. For measurement details, see Transactions tab.

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