Welcome to OneAnalysis

Welcome to OneAnalysis, Micro Focus's tool for gathering, analyzing, and presenting performance and load testing data from multiple source models in a unified solution.

This Help Center covers OneAnalysis versions 2021 and 2021 R1. Any version-specific changes are indicated where relevant.

How do I get started?

Install an InfluxDB time series database, and configure the connection to the InfluxDB server from your source model.

For details, see Install InfluxDB and connect to your source model.

Install OneAnalysis on a Windows or Linux machine.

For details, see Windows installation and Linux installation.

Start OneAnalysis.

For details, see Log onto OneAnalysis.

Configure the database connection.

For details, see Connect OneAnalysis to your InfluxDB.

Select a run to analyze.

For details, see Select a run to analyze.

View and analyze the test results.

For details, see View OneAnalysis graphs and Transaction Insights

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Advantages of OneAnalysis

OneAnalysis provides the following benefits:

Standard data model

OneAnalysis is a shared data model that can integrate data from multiple source models. It currently supports the following LoadRunner family solutions: LoadRunner Enterprise, LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Cloud, and LoadRunner Developer.

No need for advance knowledge

  • Provides simplified results and reports, in real-time, in an easy to understand interface.

  • Accessible to users of all levels—from developers to management—so that you don't need advanced knowledge to use it.

Available on different platforms

OneAnalysis is available as an on-premises installation that can be installed on Windows and Linux platforms, or as a web application hosted on the cloud.

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Bookmarking the Help Center

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