What's new in OneAnalysis version 2021 R1

This topic introduces the new features and improvements in OneAnalysis 2021 R1.

Support for new graphs

When analyzing your test results, you can now use these additional graphs:

  • Running Vusers graph. Displays the number of Vusers that executed scripts and their status during each second of the test. For details, see Running Vusers graph.

  • Transactions graph. Displays transaction performance and status throughout script execution as Vusers generate data. For details, see Transactions graph.

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Support for LoadRunner Developer

OneAnalysis now supports LoadRunner Developer as a source model. For details, see About the OneAnalysis shared data model.

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Anomaly detection

You can view anomalies in graphs, which enable you to quickly, intuitively, and effectively identify abnormal application behavior in performance tests.

For details, see Show anomalies.

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Smart analysis

Use Transaction Insights to get detailed information and insights about how your transactions perform (the total number of running Vusers, transactions, transaction response time, and a breakdown of each transaction's performance are superimposed in a single line graph).

For details, see Transaction Insights.

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Merge graphs

You can merge the results of two graphs from the same performance or load test into a single graph, which enables you to compare several different measurements at once.

For details, see Merge graphs.

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Set graph measurement scale

You can set the scale for all graph measurements, set an automatic scale optimized for all measurements, or manually set the scale for selected measurements.

For details, see Set the graph measurement scale.

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Personalized graph display

OneAnalysis automatically saves your customized settings and merged graphs when you log out, and restores them the next time you log back on.

For details, see Personalize your graph display.

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