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This section describes the Start page in Performance Center which displays a dashboard of test runs. You can view your runs or all runs. The page also displays a list of your last modified entities, and the resources in use.

To access the Start page, click Start on the Performance Center navigation bar.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


<Common UI elements> For user interface details, see Performance Center user interface.

Displays the test run activities.

My Runs/All Runs. Displays your test run activities, or test run activities for all users of the project.

Running. Displays the currently running tests for all users of the project, and the time remaining for each test run. Click Show online to open the Performance Test Run page which displays a detailed overview of the running performance test, and enables you to perform all runtime test run actions. For details, see Performance Test Run Page (Online Screen).

Scheduled. Displays the tests that are scheduled to run.

Finished. Displays the completed test runs.

  • Collate. Collates results of test runs that have not yet been collated.

  • Analyze. Analyzes results for the selected test run.

  • HTML Report. Opens an HTML version of the Analysis Summary report, which analyzes the data collected during the performance test run.

  • Offline Results. Opens the Offline Results page, which enables you to view performance measurements and results for those resources that were monitored in the test run in offline graphs.

To view details of a running or finished test, click the Test Name link to display the test in the Performance Test Designer window, or the Run ID link to display run details in the Test Runs page. To view details of a scheduled timeslot, click the Timeslot ID link.

For more details, see Test Runs Module.

Last modified entities Enables you to keep track of changes to performance testing entities. To view details of a modified entry, click the Name link to display the test in the Performance Test Designer window.

Enables you to keep track of the performance testing resources in use.

Testing Hosts. Displays the number of testing hosts and their purpose, grouped by status. You can select the following Actions:

  • Show Data Processor. Opens the Data Processor Queue window, enabling you to view the pending data processing requests.

  • Add Host. Opens the Add Host Dialog box, enabling you to create a testing host. For details, see Add a host.

  • Provision Host. Opens the Provision Cloud Hosts dialog box, enabling you to provision hosts. You can choose how many hosts to provision and where the hosts are provisioned, and you can select all necessary host configurations. For details, see Provision Cloud Load Generators.

Project Settings. Displays various project settings. For details, see Projects Page - Main Details View.

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