Upload Scripts Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to upload VuGen and JMeter scripts to ALM.

To access:

  1. In My Performance Center, on the navigation bar, select Test Management> Test Plan.

  2. Click the Upload Scripts button.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Select Folder

The destination folder for the uploaded scripts.

Note: The folder name must not contain a forward slash (/). Either rename the folder so that it does not contain a forward slash (/) or upload VuGen scripts from VuGen.

Enables you to select the scripts.

Note: The scripts must be saved locally, must be in ZIP format, and must include all the files in the test scripts folder.

Upload Settings > If Script Exists

Action to take if the script already exists in the destination folder.

  • Auto Rename Script. Automatically gives the script a different name.

  • Overwrite Existing Script. Overwrites the existing script.

Upload Settings > Upload Method

The method to use for uploading the script:

  • Upload All Files. Uploads all the files contained in the .zip file. With this option the upload takes a long time.

  • Upload run time files only. Only the run time files—that is the scripts, runtime settings, parameters, and so on—are uploaded.

Upload Settings > Versioning

For version enabled projects.

Keep checked out. Keeps the uploaded scripts checked out.

Note: When you upload a script, it is available only for your own use until you check it in. After you check the script in, other users can access the script as well.

Uploads the selected scripts to the specified destination folder.

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