Performance Test Designer > Topology

This view enables you to select a topology for a performance test.

To access
  1. On the My Performance Center navigation bar, select Test Management > Test Plan.
  2. Select a performance test in the test plan tree and select Edit Test.
  3. In the Performance Test Designer window, click Topology.
Important information

You design topologies in the Topologies module. After you have designed topologies, you can select one of them for a performance test.

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Topologies Overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Opens the Topologies tree in the right pane, enabling you to select a topology for the test.

Enables you to remove the selected topology.

Zoom in. Enables you to zoom into the displayed topology.

Zoom out. Enables you to zoom out of the displayed topology.

Fit to panel. Enables you to fit the topology to the size of the Topology pane.

Topologies tree

Opens when you click Select Topology, enabling you to select a topology for the test.

Expand the Topologies tree, select a topology, and click to move it to the Topology pane on the left.

To refresh the tree, click .

Topology pane

Displays the selected topology.

Saves the topology to the selected test and opens the Run Test dialog box. For details, see Run Test Dialog Box.
Save the topology to the selected test.