Import Virtual Locations Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to import virtual locations from another test.

To access
  1. On the My Performance Center navigation bar, select Test Management > Test Plan.

  2. Select a performance test in the test plan tree and click Edit Test.

  3. In the Performance Test Designer window, click Groups & Workload.

  4. Click .

  5. Click the Import virtual locations from other test button.

Important information

To access this dialog box, you must have Network Virtualization installed on your machine.

Relevant tasks

How to Integrate Network Virtualization into a Performance Test

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Test Set

A list of available test sets from which to select tests with virtual locations.


The ID number of the test.


The name of the test.


The user responsible for the test.

Last Modified

The date on which the test was last modified.

Virtual Locations Preview pane

Displays the location names included in a selected test.