Introducing Performance Center

Performance Center is a cross-enterprise tool for planning and running multiple performance test projects. It enables you to remotely monitor concurrent tests across different geographic locations.

Performance Center end-to-end workflow

This flow demonstrates how to configure project settings and add test assets, create and run performance tests, and then analyze the test results.

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How does Performance Center work?

Performance Center generates load on your Web servers or applications by running scripts that use virtual users (Vusers) to emulate typical user activity. While Vusers run, Performance Center collects server response time data, which it analyzes to provide a clear picture of performance, and create a performance testing center of excellence.

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Why use Performance Center?

Benefits of using Performance Center include:

  • Ability to run multiple tests simultaneously.
  • It's a web-based, 24x7, globally accessible platform with centralized resource management.

  • Virtual users can be reserved based on the timeslot to optimize usage.

  • Load test assets (VuGen scripts, results) can be shared across the project.

  • Integrates with other Micro Focus software including Application Lifecycle Management and Application Performance Monitoring.

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Want to learn more?

Follow the steps in the Quick Start Guide to help you create and run a performance test.

Micro Focus also provides other performance testing solutions, including:

  • LoadRunner, a standalone performance testing tool for both web and mobile apps, that supports a diverse range of protocols. To learn more and get a free trial, see the LoadRunner product site.

  • StormRunner Load (SRL), a cloud-based load testing solution that allows Agile development teams to create tests. You can use SRL to store, manage, and execute your scripts in the cloud, enabling you to rapidly scale to 1 million Vusers or more. To learn more and get a free trial, see the StormRunner Load product site.

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