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Performance Center 12.56 includes a number of new features, enhancements, and usability improvements.


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Elastic load generators

Added support for elastic provisioning and de-provisioning of Linux load generator resources using Kubernetes, without having to rely on load generators defined in the lab.

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Load generator assignment

We've streamlined the process for distributing and managing load generators, and improved the terminal sessions workflow.

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Bamboo plugin

Added a new plugin for Bamboo (the plugin is available in Atlassian Marketplace). For more details, see Performance Center Bamboo Plugin.

Click to see how to deploy the plugin and add a PC task to your job in Bamboo.

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AppDynamics integration

We've added support for integrating AppDynamics monitoring data into Performance Center. This provides information on the availability and performance of software applications and the impact on user experience measured by AppDynamics, an application performance monitoring tool. For details, see AppDynamics Monitor.

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Script enhancements

We added the following features to enhance the script creation and development process:

  • Support added for distributed (remote) testing for JMeter tests, enabling you to run the tests in server/node mode. For details, see Upload JMeter scripts to Performance Center.

    Note: The JMeter integration feature is provided as a beta version.

  • Ability to add or edit parameters in Vuser scripts. For details, see Upload VuGen Scripts.

  • The new runtime settings Search feature highlights the searched-for term in all runtime settings. For details, see How to Configure Runtime Settings.

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Analysis and reporting enhancements

We've extended our analysis and reporting capabilities to include:

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Administration dashboard

We've made the following enhancements to Performance Center Administration:

  • Added a new dashboard to Performance Center Administration which provides a synopsis of host resource usage and test run information across all projects in the system. For details, see Dashboard.

  • Added the ability to view run details from the Runs page. For details, see Manage Performance Test Runs.

  • Added the ability to configure time zone and display format settings. For details, see Performance Center Administration user interface.

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LoadRunner Agent configuration

Added the ability to configure the Windows account under which the LoadRunner Agent is running to allow TruClient for IE to run successfully. This can be done without having to physically log on to the load generator machine from either Hosts management (in Performance Center Administration), or from the Testing Hosts module (in My Performance Center).

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Performance Center’s support for API testing now includes the following updates:

Manage timeslot reservations

Now you can create or delete a timeslot, retrieve a list of existing timeslots, and check if a timeslot can be allocated.

For details, see Manage timeslots.

Update version control status

Use the new versioncontrol API to return or update the version control status of a test.

For details, see Version Control.

Add Dockerized load generators

Specify different host types, including dynamic (dockerized) load generators when creating a test.

For details, see test entity XML.

Create and get test instances

Use the new testInstances APIs to add test instances to a test set, or to get all existing test instances in the project.

For details, see Add test instance and Get all test instances.

Manage cloud hosts (PC Admin)

Performance Center administrators can now provision and terminate a host on the cloud, get a list of all provisioned hosts and provision requests, and get the status of all cloud hosts.

For details, see Manage cloud hosts.

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Other enhancements

Various other enhancements to Performance Center include:

  • Added a collate and analyze progress bar.

  • Added ability to add attachments that provide additional information about the test to scripts, tests, and test runs. For details, see Add Attachments / Attachments Tab.

  • Expanded ability to view test dependencies in Performance Center by displaying all tests in which the selected script is used in the Test Plan module (see Vuser Script Details Pane), and all tests in which the selected monitor profile is used in the Test Resources module (see Monitor Profile Pane). You can also see details about monitors associated with the test in the Related Monitors Pane.

  • Added support for three new regions for provisioning load generators on the cloud: Canada, Ohio, and London (provided you have upgraded to ALM 12.55 Patch 1).

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Documentation changes

The Performance Center Troubleshooting Guide (PDF) was removed and the information was incorporated into the relevant sections of the online help.

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