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To improve the customer experience and provide more optimized search, the Performance Center help for 12.60 and 12.61 has been streamlined into a single version. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant.

Performance Center documentation includes the following online content and PDF guides:

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Get Started    
  What's New in Performance Center  

Describes the newest features in the latest version of Performance Center.

  Performance Center Quick Start A self-paced guide giving the Performance Center user a high-level overview of creating and running performance tests.
  Performance Center Installation Guide How to install and set up Performance Center servers, hosts, and other components.
  System Requirements (Previously Product Availability Matrix, PAM) Provides the most up-to-date system requirements, supported environments, compatibility matrix, integrations, and protocols.

Provides last-minute news and information about Performance Center.



Performance Center Help  
  Using Performance Center   How to use Performance Center to create, schedule, run, and monitor performance tests.
  LoadRunner & Performance Center Network Virtualization Help  

How to integrate Network Virtualization with LoadRunner and Performance Center to emulate real-world network conditions in your load and performance testing processes.


  Using Performance Center Administration   How to manage and customize Performance Center projects.


Advanced Help  
  Performance Center REST API Reference   Online reference for the Performance Center REST-based API.
  Performance Center Administration REST API Reference   Online reference for the Performance Center Administration REST-based API.
  Performance Monitoring Best Practices Guide   Provides concepts, guidelines, and practical examples on the best implementation of performance testing monitoring in various environments.