AUT host management

This section describes the Application Under Test (AUT) components.

AUT resources overview

AUT components, such as Web/application servers or database servers, are hosted on machines known as AUT hosts. The AUT hosts are grouped together into AUT Pools.

The AUT hosts are a core element of the Topology and SiteScope integration features.

AUT Hosts and Pools are available in ALM Lab Management. For details on how to import a list of AUT hosts from an Excel file (.xls or .csv) into Performance Center, see the ALM Lab Management Guide: AUT Host Management.

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Design topologies of your applications under test

You can design a topology that graphically displays the logical components that make up your application under test (AUT) and the relationships between the components.

You design topologies of your applications under test using the Topologies feature. For details, see Design the topology.

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