Attachments tab

The Add Attachments tab enables you to attach files and URLs to Performance Center tests and scripts.

To access
  1. From the Performance Center navigation toolbar, click and select Test Management (under Testing).

  2. Select a test in the test management tree and click the Attachments tab.

Important information

Attachments can be restricted to a certain size and certain extensions from ALM Site Administration by using Site Configuration parameters. For details, see ALM Administrator Guide.

Relevant tasks
See also

Manage performance tests

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Add Attachment

Opens the Open dialog box, enabling you to add a file attachment to a Performance Center test or script.

Tip: To add an email as an attachment to a test or script, save the email on your desktop and then use the Open dialog box to add it.


Opens the Add URL dialog box, enabling you to add a URL to a Performance Center test or script.

  • Name. The URL name.

  • URL. The URL you want to attach to the Performance Center test or script. You can attach any valid URL scheme such as HTTP, FTP, Gopher, News, Mailto, or File.

Delete Attachment. Deletes the selected attachment. To select more than one attachment, use the Ctrl key.

Name The attachment name.
Last Modified The date that the attachment was last modified.
Description Describes the attachment. Click in the text box to add or edit the description text.
File Size

The size of the attachment.

Note: Attachments added from the Test Plan module and Performance Test Designer window should not exceed 10 MB in size (per file).

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