Dynatrace monitor

The Dynatrace monitor provides information on the availability and performance of software applications and the impact on user experience measured by Dynatrace, an APM (Application Performance Management) tool.

Dynatrace dashboards and dashlets

Using Dynatrace's dashboards and dashlets you can get insights into your full application stack, in the form of deep transaction tracing, synthetic monitoring, real user monitoring, and network monitoring.

A dashboard represents a specific view of one or more Dynatrace data sources. A dashboard is comprised of dashlets, the building blocks of a dashboard that contain specific types of data (in the form of a graph or data tables).

Note: Only dashlets that are represented as graphs in Dynatrace are available in Performance Center during the performance test run.

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Set up the Dynatrace monitor

  1. Prerequisites

    For the supported version of the integration, see the Integrations section of the System Requirements.

  2. Configure the Dynatrace monitor from the monitor profile

    For task details, see Create and configure monitor profiles.

  3. Select which measurements you want to monitor

    Choose the relevant measurements that you want to monitor from the list of Dynatrace dashboards, dashlets, and measurements that have been defined on the Dynatrace server.

    When you select a dashlet, all measurements of the dashlet are automatically selected.

    For detailed information on the performance measurements that Dynatrace can monitor, refer to the Dynatrace documentation.

    To work with Dynatrace monitors, there should be access from Performance Center to the Dynatrace Server REST interfaces, which by default use port 8020 (for HTTP) and 8021 (for HTTPS).

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