Add/Edit Monitor (AppDynamics) dialog box

This dialog box enables you to define the AppDynamics application whose resources you want to monitor, and to select the counters to monitor.

To access
  1. From the Performance Center navigation toolbar, click and select Monitors (under Assets).

  2. Select a monitor profile in the test resource tree.

  3. In the Monitor Profile page, select AppDynamics.

  4. Click Add Monitor or Edit Monitor.

Relevant tasks

Create and configure monitor profiles

AppDynamics monitor

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements



The name or IP address of the AppDynamics server whose resources you want to monitor.


The port number of the AppDynamics server.

Default: 8090 for HTTP; 8181 for HTTPS


Specify if you are using a secure HTTP connection.

Note: With some AppDynamics configurations, you might need to install SSL certificates on your AppDynamics server for it to work correctly. For details, see the AppDynamics documentation.

User Name

The monitored server's user name.

Note: If in AppDynamics you are using an account name other than the default account (Customer1), you need to add the account name after the user name in the format: Username@accountname


The monitored server's password.


Select the application you want to monitor.

Click to display a list of available applications monitored by AppDynamics.

Click to display a list of available metrics and counters per metric from the selected AppDynamics application.

<choose counters area>

Displays a list of available counters.