Calculate file repository size

This section explains how to use the file repository calculator to determine how much space you need for storing script files and run results.

Plan disk space requirements

Performance Center requires a lot of disk space for storing script files and run results for large projects. To help plan how much space you need, determine the following:

  • Amount of space to allocate to the file repository.

    Use the reference calculator to work out the approximate file repository size requirements. For details, see Calculate the file repository size below.

  • Frequency for deleting runs in order to clean results.

    ALM uses the smart repository job cleanup, which takes about two weeks for a file to be removed from it by default. You can control the cleanup job frequency and what triggers it. For details, see Project Repository Cleanup in the ALM Lab Management Guide.

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Calculate the file repository size

Below are recommendations for how to calculate your file repository size requirements for storing data for large Performance Center projects.


Number of projects (initial value) <proj_num>
Number of projects added each year <proj_growth_num>
Number of projects archived each year <proj_archive_num>

Script Files

  Runtime files only All files
Average script size 1 MB 5 MB
Number of scripts per project

<TBD by user>

<TBD by user>
Total* <script_1> <script_2>

* Average script size multiplied by the number of scripts per project.

Result Files

Run Scale Raw Results (estimated size) Results (estimated size)


(up to 3 hours run)

50 MB

100 MB


(up to 12 hours run)

200 MB 500 MB


(up to 24 hours run)

500 MB 1500 MB
  Total Size (Week) Total Size (Month) Total Size (Year)*
Number of short runs
per week
N * (50 + 100) N*4 * (50 + 100) N*4*12 * (50 + 100)
Number of medium runs per week N * (200 + 500)

N*4 * (200 + 500)

N*4*12* (200 + 500)
Number of long runs
per week

N * (500 + 1500)

N*4 * (500 + 1500)

N*4*12 * (500 + 1500)

Total     <result_size>

* Only this column is relevant for the calculation. The other two columns are included just to show the repository growth over time.


Size per project per year

<result_size> + <script_1> + <script_2> = <proj_size>

Number of project a year

<proj_num> + <proj_growth_num> - <proj_archive_num> = <projects_per_year>


<projects_per_year> * <proj_size>

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