Create test assets

A test asset is an entity that defines a specific part of your performance test such as a script, a monitor or a topology. This section provides an overview of the various test assets you can manage.

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Action Description

Configure Controller options for the project

You can configure the monitors, runtime settings, timeout, general, and debug information options for all your Performance Center projects from the Controller Options dialog box. For details, see Controller Options dialog box.

Upload scripts

After creating Vuser scripts using Virtual User Generator or Apache JMeter, you must upload them to Performance Center. For details, see Manage scripts.

Create monitor profiles to monitor your tests

To monitor server resources, you must configure the monitor settings for a test. These monitor settings can then be saved as monitor profiles that can be used by any test in your project. For details on creating monitor profiles, see Create and configure monitor profiles.

Design topologies of your applications under test

You can design topologies of your applications under test using the Topologies feature. For details, see How to design topologies.

We recommend using topologies if you are only using SiteScope as an interface for configuring monitors. Otherwise, create monitor profiles to monitor your tests (see above).

Configure J2EE/.NET diagnostics

You can monitor and analyze metrics of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), .NET-connected, and other complex environments in a performance test. For details, see Diagnostics.

Create projects that contain virtualized networks and services

You can incorporate Micro Focus Network Virtualization into your scenario, to help test point-to-point performance of network-deployed products under real-world conditions. For details, see the Network Virtualization Help Center (select the relevant version).

You can also create projects that contain virtualized services and integrate these services into your VuGen scripts. For details, see the Service Virtualization Help Center (select the relevant version).

Configure system to monitor over a firewall

If you need to monitor an application located behind a firewall relative to the Controller machine, you must define the Monitor Over Firewall agents in the system before you can select them to monitor a test. For details, see the Performance Center Installation Guide.

For details on how to select Monitor Over Firewall agents to use in your performance test, see Performance Test Designer > Monitors.

Create a customized analysis template

Create a customized analysis templates to display your performance test run reports in a format that is suitable to your needs. For details, see Customize analysis templates.

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