Noise generator scripts

You can approach performance testing in the following ways:

  • Create a performance test that runs complex Vuser scripts. These scripts perform a business process and contain transactions, complex flows, checkpoints, and so forth.

  • Create a load on the server by having a large number of users (real or virtual) access the same URL simultaneously. This is commonly known as Noise Testing.

The first approach uses a standard Vuser script generated with VuGen. The script performs the full business process and gathers the metrics. After the test run, you can retrieve meaningful information from the Analysis graphs and reports.

The second approach, noise testing, only allows you to determine the response times and whether the server can handle the load without crashing.

When creating a performance test, you can use both types of scenarios. You set up a noise generator script from the Scripts Tree Pane by specifying the URL of the server you want to access. During the performance test run, Vusers access the URL simultaneously.

You can specify noise generator scripts when defining the test workload. For task details, see Define a performance test workload.