Service Virtualization monitoring

The Micro Focus Service Virtualization monitors enable you to analyze the status and performance of the simulated services during the performance test run. For example, you may integrate a payment process service containing the following operations into your script:

Type Example Name Example Description
Service CreditServ Process online credit card payments
Operation CreditServ.PurchaseRequest Cardholder requests product/service
Operation CreditServ.AuthorizationRequest Merchant request authorization for payment
Operation CreditServ.AuthorizationApproval

Credit card company authorizes or denies payment

The online monitors measure the overall behavior of the service and each operation. The flowchart illustrates using a service and operations for credit card payment.

In addition to the Run-Time monitor graphs available in Performance Center, the following graphs are useful for working with and analyzing service virtualization integration.

You can view the following Run-Time monitor graphs during a test run:

Note: To get graph data from the Service Virtualization server, make sure it has the Performance Center system user (IUSR_METRO, unless changed by the System Identity Utility) added to the Service Virtualization server machine users, and add the user to the Performance Monitor Users group. For details, see Update communication security and system user.