Integrate virtualized services overview

As part of your performance test, you may want to test applications that depend on other services which are a part of your business scenario. Instead of loading actual services, you can use simulated services in your test run. The virtualized services are a simulation of actual services.

To facilitate performance testing business processes that contain services that are not available, Performance Center integrates with Service Virtualization.

Using simulated services in your test is helpful if using actual services involves an additional cost or requires the service of an application that is under development or inaccessible at the time when you run your performance test.


Your business process might include a service that is in development or incurs a cost, such as processing a credit card through a third-party vendor. By using a virtual service, you can replace actual services with simulated services that mirror both the data model and the performance model.

For details on creating projects that contain virtualized services, see the Service Virtualization Help Center.

The workflow below explains how Service Virtualization integrates with Performance Center processes:

For task details, see Add virtualized services to performance tests.

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