Terminal sessions overview

Using Performance Center's terminal sessions, you can run multiple load generators simultaneously in your performance test on a terminal server. Performance Center allows you to create a new terminal session, or connect to an existing session.

Using terminal sessions enables you to overcome the limitation of being able to run only a single GUI Vuser on a Windows-based load generator. GUI Vusers, which operate graphical user interface (GUI) applications, are defined in a GUI Vuser script. You create GUI Vuser scripts using Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing. By opening a terminal server session for each GUI Vuser, you can run multiple GUI Vusers on the same application.

You select the number of terminals to be used in your performance test (provided that you have sufficient terminal sessions running), and the maximum number of Vusers that can be run per terminal. The maximum number of Vusers depends on the Vuser type used in the script. For GUI Vusers, the maximum is one Vuser for each terminal session. Performance Center then evenly distributes the number of Vusers among the client sessions.

For details on how to create or connect to a terminal session, see Create a terminal session.