Topologies overview

Performance Center can articulate the topology of your application under test (AUT) and use it as an interface for defining performance monitors by integrating with SiteScope.

Using topologies, you can:

  • Manage an inventory of application under test (AUT) hosts which are grouped into AUT host pools, similar to Performance Center hosts and host pools

  • Visually understand the tested environment

  • Configure monitors using best practice monitor templates

  • Configure monitors using templates from production environments

  • Pinpoint runtime performance issues by highlighting a topology node's status based on the SiteScope monitor thresholds

The SiteScope user interface hosted in Performance Center enables leveraging SiteScope functionality in a use-case oriented approach, without requiring additional monitor configuration on the Performance Center side.

During runtime, the AUT schema with comprehensive SiteScope monitor data is displayed in different monitor graphs in the Performance Center run screen and measurement names can be identified and filtered.

For details on designing topologies, see How to design topologies.