Add actions to a test schedule

This task describes how to add actions to a real-world test schedule.

Note: You can add actions to a real-world schedule only.

Add an action to the schedule from the Global Scheduler grid

Note: A new action is always added after the action selected in the Global scheduler grid.

  1. In the Global scheduler grid, select an action after which to insert the new action, and click the New scheduler action button's down arrow.

  2. Select the type of action to add.

  3. Note: You can add a Start Vusers, Stop Vusers, or Duration action. For details about each type of action, see Global scheduler actions.

  4. In the Properties column, specify the action's properties.

    • If you are adding a Start Vusers or Stop Vusers action, enter the number of Vusers to start/stop running, and select how to start/stop running the Vusers: simultaneously or gradually.

      If you selected gradually, enter the number of Vusers to start/stop at a time, and a time interval.

    • If you are adding a Duration action, select how long to run the action.

    • Click Apply change to save the action settings.

  5. When you have finished adding actions to the schedule, click Save at the bottom of the Workload tab.

  6. Note: If you navigate away from the Performance Test Designer window without clicking Save, changes applied to the schedule are not saved.

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Add an action by splitting one action into two actions

You can add Start Vusers, Duration, and Stop Vusers actions from the Global Scheduler grid or from the graph by splitting an action into two halves of the original action.

To split an action in two:

  1. Select the action in the grid, or the line in the graph that represents the action that you want to split.

  2. Tip: Selecting the action in the Global Scheduler grid highlights the corresponding line in the graph.

  3. Click the Split selected action button . The selected action/line splits in two. In the Global scheduler grid, the original action splits into two equivalent actions, each representing half of the original action.


    • Splitting a Duration action of 5 minutes results in two Duration actions of 2.5 minutes each.

    • Splitting a Start Vusers action that starts 20 Vusers results in two Start Vusers actions, each starting 10 Vusers.

  4. (Optional) Edit each of the actions. For details, see Edit scheduler actions.

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