Create trend reports

This section describes how to define and view a trend report and to configure automatic trending. Automatic trending makes the process simpler and more efficient by automating the collate, analyze, or publish steps, and not having to wait for each of these steps to finish before continuing with the next one.

Define trend reports

Before a performance test can be trended, the run must be collated and analyzed in order to be added to a trend report. If the run is only collated, the system will automatically analyze it before adding to a trend report. As long as a run is not collated, it will not be automatically analyzed and trended.

  1. Open the Performance Trending page

    From the Performance Center navigation toolbar, click and select Performance Trending (under Applications).

  2. Define a new trend report

    1. On the Performance Trending page, click New Trend Report.

    2. Define the basic trend report by defining its name, description and selecting a template. For user interface details, see Create New Trend Report page.

    3. Click Create to create the new report.

  3. Add performance test run data to the report

    1. In the Select Test Runs to Trend Report dialog box, select Project, Test Set and Test. All analyzed instances of the performance test appear in the grid. For user interface details, see Select Test Runs to Trend Report dialog box.

    2. Select those analyzed instances of the test that you want to add to the trend report, and click Add.

      Performance Center uploads the test runs from Analysis and adds them to the trend report. The trend report opens displaying the Trend Overview tab. For user interface details, see Trend Overview tab.

  4. View trend report data

    1. In the Trend Overview tab, you can view and manage the test runs trended in the report. For user interface details, see Trend Overview tab.

    2. View and manage other trend views. For user interface details, see Trend Report <Report Name>.

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Configure automatic trending

Automatic trending enables you to publish trend reports automatically without having to manually run the collate, analyze, and publish process. Automatic trending can only be configured on a per-test basis, not per-run.

  1. In the Performance Test Designer window, click the Select Automatic Trending Options button adjacent to the Trending box to configure trend settings for a test. For more details, see Define a performance test workload.

  2. In the Trend Settings dialog box, set Automatic Trending to On, and select a report to which to add the performance test run data or create a new report.

  3. Select the range to include in the trend report in Range to trend.

  4. Enter the number of runs to publish in the report, and the action to take after the maximum number of runs has been reached. For more details, see Trend Settings dialog box.

    Trends are automatically added to the trend report when the automatic trend task runs. Test runs that require analysis are added after an additional run cycle.

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Configure automatic trending using REST API

You can configure automatic trending using the Performance Center REST API. For details, see test entity XML.

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