Define a schedule for the performance test

This task describes how to define a schedule for a performance test.

Note: This task is part of a higher-level task. For details, see Define a performance test workload.

  1. Prerequisites

    • Open Performance Test Designer > Groups & Workload, under the Groups section, make sure the test contains scripts.

    • The Scheduler must be enabled. Click the Options button located at the top of the Groups & Workload view. In the Test Options dialog box, ensure that Enable Scheduler is selected. For user interface details, see Test Options dialog box.

  2. Define a set of scheduler actions

    • The Global Schedule grid displays the default scheduler actions that correspond to the basic or real-world workload type selected in the Workload type box for schedules.

      In real-world schedules, you can add more scheduler actions, and edit or delete existing actions.

      In basic schedules, you can edit the existing scheduler actions.

      For details about the scheduler actions, see Global scheduler actions.

      For details about how to add actions (real-world schedules only), see Add actions to a test schedule.

      For details about how to edit actions, see Edit scheduler actions.

    • If you selected Goal-Oriented Schedule in the Workload type box, the Goal definition for grid is displayed. In goal-oriented schedules, you can define a goal for the test and configure the goal settings. For details, see Distribute Vusers by goal.

  3. Group schedules only: Copy a Vuser group's scheduler settings to other groups - optional

    When scheduling by Vuser group, you can copy a Vuser group's scheduler settings to other Vuser groups.


    • Scheduler settings copied include the scheduler run mode (basic or real-world) and the set of defined scheduler actions.

    • This option is disabled for global schedules.

    1. On the Groups grid toolbar, click the Duplicate Scheduler Settings button.

    2. Select the source group whose settings you want to copy, and select one or more target groups.

    3. Click Apply. The source group's scheduler settings are copied to the target groups.

  4. Schedule a start time for the test - optional

    Click the Options button located at the top of the Groups & Workload view. Select Start the Scheduler after a Delay of, and enter the amount of time after which to start running the test.

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