Add virtualized services to performance tests

The task describes how to configure virtual services to run when designing a performance test.

  1. Prerequisites

    • Create your virtualized services in Service Virtualization Designer. For details on creating projects that contain virtualized services, see the Service Virtualization Help Center.

    • In VuGen, create or record a script. Upload the script either from VuGen or from within Performance Center. For details on uploading VuGen scripts to Performance Center, see Upload VuGen scripts.

    Note when using a secured SV server (HTTPS): Make sure the CA certificate which signed the SV server certificate is installed on the Performance Center server and on the host which will be used as the Controller to the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store of the computer account.

  2. Configure service virtualization

    Open Performance Test Designer. In the Groups & Workload view, select Advanced > Service Virtualization. The Service Virtualization dialog box opens.

    This dialog box enables you to add projects, remove projects, and check the deployment of services. For user interface details, see Service Virtualization dialog box.

  3. Add projects and services

    To add projects and their corresponding services, click Add Servicesand search and select for the relevant project containing the simulated services you want to run with your performance test. For user interface details, see Add Services dialog box.

  4. Select the services to simulate

    Expand a project. Select Service Name and Simulate for each virtualized service you want to run, and provide the relevant data model and performance model information.

  5. Check service deployment

    Click the Check Deployment button to determine if the services are deployed correctly on the SV server specified in the URL. Under Messages, click More Details. The Deployment Check Results dialog box opens. For user interface details, see Deployment Check Results dialog box.

    indicates that the service is deployed on the specified server.

    indicates that the service is not deployed on the specified server.

    Note: The virtualized service must be deployed on the simulation server to be able to configure the service and run it as part of your performance test in Performance Center.

  6. Enter credentials for monitoring the SV server

    Click the Server Credentials button to enter the credentials for monitoring the SV server in the Server Credentials dialog box. For user interface details, see Server Credentials dialog box.

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