Add Group dialog box

This dialog box enables you to add a Vuser group to a running performance test, or to edit Vuser group settings during a test run.

To access
  • When adding a Vuser group. On Performance Test Run page, click the Design Groups and Scheduler button . Then select Add Groups.

  • When editing a Vuser group. On the Performance Test Run page, on the Groups pane, place the mouse cursor over the name of the group you want to edit. Click the downward arrow that appears adjacent to the name, and select Edit Group.

Important information

To edit a Vuser group, all Vusers must be in the inactive state.

Relevant tasks

Manage a performance test run

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements (A-Z)


Enables you to view and change the runtime settings for the Vuser script. For details, see Configure runtime settings.

Opens the script in VuGen.

Command Line

Type the name and value of the parameter you want to send using the format, <Parameter_Name> <value>.

For information about the command line parsing functions, or for details about including arguments on a command line, see the LoadRunner Online Function Reference, provided with Virtual User Generator.

Group Name

The name of the Vuser group.

Note: Do not use non-English characters in group names.

Load Generators

The load generators on which the group is running.


The Vuser script's protocol.


The name of the Vuser script.


The number of Vusers assigned to the group.