Add Load Generators dialog box

This dialog box enables you to add load generators to a running performance test.

To access

In the Load Generators dialog box, click the Add Load Generators button .

Relevant tasks

Manage a performance test run

See also

Distribute load generators

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Add X automatch load generators

Enables you to add a specified number of automatch load generators.

Add specific load generators

Enables you to add specific load generators. The load generator table lists the specific load generators which are available, displaying the following information for each load generator:

  • Name. The load generator name.

  • State. The current state of the load generator: Operational, Non-Operational, or Unavailable.

  • Purpose. The purpose of the load generator, that is, Controller, Load Generator, Data Processor, or a combination of these.

  • Location. The location of the load generator.

  • Host Attributes. Select attributes for the load generator.