Add/Edit Monitor dialog box

This dialog box enables you to define the server whose resources you want to monitor, and to select the counters to monitor.

To access
  1. From the Performance Center navigation toolbar, click and select Monitors (under Assets).
  2. Select a monitor profile in the test resource tree.
  3. In the Monitor Profile page, select one of the following: Windows Resources, UNIX Resources, Apache, Dynatrace, MS IIS, MS ASP, Citrix, SQL, Oracle.
  4. Click Add Monitor or Edit Monitor .
Important information

This dialog box contains information relevant for the following monitor types: Windows Resources, UNIX Resources, Apache, Dynatrace, MS IIS, MS Active Server Pages, Citrix, SQL, Oracle.

Relevant tasks

Create and configure monitor profiles

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements



The name or IP address of the server whose resources you want to monitor.

User Name

The monitored server's user name, if relevant.


The monitored server's password, if relevant.


The Server statistics information URL. To verify the statistics information URL, try to view it through the browser using the following format: http://<server_name/IP address>:<port_number>/server-status?auto For example: http://stimpy:80/server-status?auto.

Format: Enter the server statistics information URL, without the server name.

Default value:/server-status?auto

Note: The default port number and URL can vary from one server to another. Consult your web server administrator.

Available for: Apache


The port number of the Apache or Dynatrace server.

Note: To monitor an Apache server through a firewall, use the web server port (by default, port 80).

Default value: 80 for Apache; 8020 for Dynatrace (HTTP) and 8021 for Dynatrace (HTTPS)

Available for: Apache and Dynatrace


Specify if you are using a secure HTTP connection.

Available for: Dynatrace

Click to display a list of available counters.

Available Counters

A list of available counters for the selected monitor.

Selected Counters

A list of selected counters for the monitor.