Performance Test Schedule dialog box

This dialog box enables you to edit scheduler settings during a performance test run.

To access

On the Performance Test Run page, click the Design Groups and Scheduler button .Then select Edit Scheduler.

Relevant tasks

Manage a performance test run

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


Stops the scheduler and enables it for editing.

Pauses the scheduler.

Restarts the scheduler after editing.

Note: After restarting the scheduler, the scheduler starts at the beginning of the current step. For example, if you stop the scheduler 2 hours into a duration step of 3 hours, the scheduler will restart the step, and run the step for 5 hours.

<edit scheduler section>

Enables you to edit a defined schedule. For details, see Global scheduler actions.

Global/Groups Schedule

Displays whether the current schedule has been defined by test or by group.

  • Start Time. Enter a delay time for the scheduler to restart after editing. To restart the scheduler immediately, leave this setting blank.

  • Wait. (Groups schedule only) Select to initialize all Vuser groups together.

  • Group. (Groups schedule only) Select individual groups to display and edit their schedules.

Schedule Graph

Provides a graphical representation of the defined schedule actions.


Displays the current scheduler status.