Initializing Run page

The Initializing Run page displays the performance test initialization steps performed by Performance Center and the status for each step.

To access

In the Run Performance Center dialog box, click Run. For details, see Run Test dialog box.

Relevant tasks

Manage a performance test run

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Test Name The name of the test.
<Run Date and Time> The date and time of the test run.
By The user responsible for running the test.
Timeslot Name The name of the test run timeslot.
Duration The time that the test takes to run.
Vusers The number of Vusers reserved for the timeslot.
Machines The number of hosts requested for this test.
<Progress Chart> Displays test initialization steps progress in percentage.
Step Name

Displays the step name. For explanations about the action Performance Center performs for each step, see Initialization Steps below.


A detailed description of the current status of the step.


Displays whether the step passed or failed.

System Messages

Displays error messages generated when a step fails. These error messages can also be viewed from the Event Log. For details, see View test run event logs.

Initialization Steps

The Initialization steps are described below:



Register Run

Performance Center initializes the run process.

Validate Scripts

Performance Center checks that the selected scripts' Run Logic runtime settings are in sync with the scripts' state.

Get Reservation Data

Performance Center checks the required resource information from the selected timeslot.

Check Disk Space

Performance Center checks that there is enough disk space on the Controller.

Provision Dynamic LGs

Performance Center provisions the required number of elastic load generators and connects them to the Controller. This step shows how many load generators are ready out of the total number requested.

Launch Controller

Performance Center initializes the Controller so that other testing entities, such as load generators and scripts can connect to it.

If there is a problem launching the Controller, Performance Center automatically attempts to find an alternative Controller. This attempt appears as an additional initialization step.

If no alternative Controller is available, the step fails.

Download Scripts

Performance Center downloads the required Vuser scripts.