IP Wizard

This wizard enables you to create and save new IP addresses on Windows machines.

To access

Use one of the following:

  • Start > Program Files > Micro Focus > Performance Center Host > Tools > IP Wizard

  • From the Performance Center Host's \bin directory, run ipwizard.exe.

Important information
  • The IP wizard resides on each load generator.

  • The new addresses can be a range of addresses defined by the Internet Assignment Numbers Authority. They are for internal use only, and cannot connect to the Internet. This range of addresses is the default used by the IP Wizard.

  • The IP Wizard only works on machines with a fixed IP, not on machines with a DHCP.

  • Before any of the changes can take effect, you must restart the machine after you run the wizard, and the web server's routing table may need to be updated.

Relevant tasks

Enable IP spoofing