Monitor Profile Content dialog box

This dialog box displays a list of monitors which are currently running during a performance test, and enables you to add, edit, and remove monitors during the run.

The monitors that are displayed are a combination of the monitors from all the monitor profiles that were associated to the test, as well as a set of 'host' monitors which are added automatically to every test for each host which is used in the test.

To access

On the Performance Test Run page, click the Monitors button , and select Runtime Monitors.

Important information
  • Monitors which are defined as part of a monitor profile but fail to run do not appear in the list of monitors.

  • Default host monitors cannot be modified during runtime.

Relevant tasks

Manage a performance test run.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Add Monitor. Click to add a monitor to the performance test. For details about monitors, see Add New Monitors page.

Edit Monitor. Click to edit the selected monitor. The relevant monitor type page opens, enabling you to edit the monitor information.

Delete Selected Item. Deletes the selected monitor.

Refresh Monitors List. Refreshes the monitors list.