Test Options dialog box

This dialog box enables you to set general Scheduler and testing options for the test.

To access
  1. In the Performance Test Designer window, click Groups & Workload.

  2. In the upper-right area of the Performance Test Designer window, click .

Important information

This is accessible only when the Groups & Workload view is displayed.

Relevant tasks
See also

Performance test workload overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Enable Scheduler

Enables the Scheduler so that you can run the test according to a user-defined schedule. To define a schedule, this option must be selected.

  • Stop test when Scheduler ends and Vusers are inactive. Automatically stops the test when the test schedule has stopped and all the Vusers are in any of the following inactive states: Down, Pass, Fail, Error, or Stop.

  • Start the Scheduler after a delay of HH:MM:SS. Enables you to specify when, after the Run Test command has been issued, the Scheduler should start running the schedule. If this option is not selected, the schedule starts to run as soon as the test starts running.

  • Wait for all groups to initialize. Instructs the Scheduler to wait until all the Vusers in all the Vuser groups have finished initializing before starting to run any of the groups.

    Note: If you select this option, if any of the Vuser groups' Initialize action is Initialize each Vuser just before it runs, the Scheduler automatically changes this setting to Initialize all Vusers simultaneously.

  • Pause Scheduler at test start. Pauses the Scheduler at the start of a test run, enabling you make changes to the test design just before the test is about to run. You can then restart the Scheduler manually.

Enable IP Spoofer

After you define multiple IP addresses, and before you run the test, select this option to enable IP spoofing.

Note: You must enable IP spoofing before running a test.

For details about multiple IP addressing, see Multiple IP addresses.

Set maximum number of concurrent Vusers

The maximum number of concurrent Vusers allowed for this test.

Collate Vuser logs

Collates Vuser logs from remote load generators after the test ends. This setting is defined per test, and is saved across test runs. This option is selected by default so that the behavior remains consistent with previous versions of the application.

Tip: We recommend clearing this option when extended log is enabled for one or more of the groups.

Disable Default Monitors

Performance Center host monitors are automatically activated at the start of a test run by default. Select this check box to manually disable host monitors (this can save time in the initialization process when there are many load generators in the test).

Do not change record Think Time (for Goal Scheduler)

If selected, Performance Center runs the test using the think time recorded in the script. For details, see Distribute Vusers by goal.

Note: If you select this option, you may need to increase the number of Vusers in your scenario in order to reach your target.