Select Controller dialog box

This dialog box enables you to select a controller for a selected timeslot.

To access
  1. On the My Performance Center navigation bar, select Resources > Timeslots.
  2. Click New Timeslot .
  3. Select a controller and click .
Important information If you select a Controller host that has multiple purposes (Controller+Load Generator+Data Processor), it is recommended to dedicate the host for Controller functionality, and not to select it for other functionality as well, to avoid performance issues during runtime.
Relevant tasks

Reserve timeslots for performance testing

See also

Timeslots overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements Description
Select a Controller for the timeslot
  • Automatch. Enables the system to allocate an available Controller for the timeslot.
  • Specific. Enables you to select a specific controller for the timeslot.
<Controller grid>

Lists all the specific controller hosts.

Note: Enabled when Specific is selected.

ID The controller ID.
Name/IP The name or IP address of the controller.
Purpose The purpose of the controller host, that is, Controller, Load Generator, Data Processor, or a combination of these.
Location The location of the controller.
Reserve as C + LG

Allows the selected host to serve both as a controller and as a load generator.


  • Enabled when Specific is selected.
  • This option is not recommended. The Controller host should be dedicated for Controller functionality, and it is recommended not to run Vusers on this host.