Tracking Period dialog box

This dialog box enables you to set a tracking period for service level agreements.

To access
  1. In the Performance Test Designer, click the Summary tab.

  2. In the Service Level Agreement pane, click the Tracking Period button.

Important information

For measurements evaluated over a timeline, Analysis determines SLA statuses at specified time intervals within that timeline. These time intervals are known as the tracking period.

Relevant tasks

Define service level agreements

See also

Service level agreements overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Internally calculated tracking period

Analysis automatically sets a tracking period over which SLA statuses are determined.

Minimum tracking period: 5 seconds

Tracking period of at least <xx> seconds

Analysis sets the tracking period as close as possible to the value specified here.

Minimum tracking period: 5 seconds

Example: Assume that you select a tracking period of X=10, and assume that the aggregation granularity for the performance test is 6. The tracking period is set to the nearest multiple of 6 that is greater than or equal to 10. That is, Tracking Period = 12.

For this option, Analysis uses the following formula:

Tracking Period = Max(5 seconds, m(Aggregation Granularity))

where m is a multiple of the performance test's aggregation granularity such that m(Aggregation Granularity) is greater than or equal to X.

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