Vusers dialog box

This dialog box displays specific details for each Vuser in the performance test, and enables you to run or stop individual Vusers irrespective of their defined schedules.

To access

During Runtime, on the Performance Center Dashboard's Performance Test Run page, click the Vusers Details button .

Relevant tasks

Manage a performance test run

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Select All. Selects all displayed Vusers.

Deselect All. Deselects all selected Vusers.

Invert Selection. Inverts the current selection of Vusers. That is, the non-selected Vusers are selected, and the selected Vusers are cleared.

Run Selected Vusers. Runs the selected Vusers.

Pause Selected Vusers. Pauses the selected Vusers.

Stop Selected Vusers Gradually. Stops the selected Vusers gradually. The Vusers complete the current iteration before stopping.

Stop Selected Vusers Immediately. Stops the selected Vusers immediately.

Reset Selected Vusers. Resets the selected Vusers to the Down state.

Show Selected Vusers Log. Opens the Vuser Activity Log, which displays runtime information for the selected Vuser. The log displays the following information:

  • Activity log for Vuser. The selected Vuser.

  • Refresh. Refreshes the information displayed in the log.

  • Download log. Enables you to download the log.

  • Close. Closes the log.

  • Log Message. Displays the logged Vuser messages.

  • Snapshot. Generates a snapshot (a graphical representation of the Web page) of the point in the test run where an error occurred. Before using this feature, you must enable the Generate snapshot on error option in the script's runtime settings. For details on the runtime settings, see Configure runtime settings.

Refresh. Refreshes the information displayed in the dialog box.

Elapsed Time

The amount of time the Vuser has been running.


Filters displayed Vusers by Vuser group.


The Vuser's ID.

Load Generator

Filters displayed Vusers by load generators.


Filters displayed Vusers by their current status.