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Check out the new features and improvements in Performance Center versions 12.60 and 12.61 (also known as LoadRunner Enterprise).


  • To improve the customer experience and provide more optimized search, the Performance Center help for 12.60 and 12.61 has been streamlined into a single version. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant.

  • For a list of hotfixes on top of Performance Center 12.60, see Performance Center 12.60 - Release information.

  • Performance Center uses various LoadRunner tools. For details of what's new in LoadRunner, see the LoadRunner What's New.

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Load generator enhancements

We've made the following enhancements to elastic and manually configured Dockerized load generators:

  • Elastic load generators. Added support for elastic provisioning and de-provisioning of Windows and Linux load generator resources using Docker Swarm. Provisioning load generators using Swarm is in addition to Kubernetes that was introduced in Performance Center 12.56. For details, see Set up elastic load generator provisioning on Windows or Linux containers.

    Note: Support for Swarm orchestrators is provided in tech preview mode.

  • Manually configured Dockerized load generators. A Dockerized load generator image (for Web (HTTP/HTML) and Java protocols) is now available for Windows platforms, in addition to Linux. For details, see Manually configure Dockerized load generators.

    Note: The Windows Dockerized load generator image is provided as a tech preview version.

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Git integration

We've added support for integrating Performance Center with Git via Jenkins. You can now:

  • Synchronize scripts by uploading LoadRunner and JMeter scripts stored in a GitHub repository to a Performance Center project.

  • Synchronize tests from YAML files saved in a GitHub repository to a Performance Center project (available with 12.61 and later).

  • Create tests from YAML input added to a field within the Jenkins Job configuration, and then run the tests (available with 12.61 and later).

For details, see Performance Center and Git.

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Performance Center modernization

Enhanced usability and a new look and feel for web-based Performance Center. For details, see Performance Center user interface.

Script enhancements

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Analysis enhancements

Added integration with InfluxDB to store online summary data in one centralized location. This provides:

  • Easy access to live and post-run data.

  • Enables mashing up Performance Center data with other data vendors, and use third-party dashboards, such as Grafana, to easily visualize the data.

For details, see Manage analysis servers.

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Email alerts

Ability to set email alerts on tests, timeslots, and hosts per project, in addition to releasing idle timeslot automatically. For details, see Activate alerts.

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Goal-oriented scheduler

Added support for Goal-oriented run mode. You define the goals you want your test to achieve and Performance Center automatically builds a schedule for you based on these goal. For details, see Distribute Vusers by goal.

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Recurrent timeslots

Added support for creating recurrent timeslots (up to 30 recurrences). For details, see Create a recurring timeslot.

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Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization for Performance Testing no longer requires a license, and is provided for free as part of Performance Center and LoadRunner. For details, see Network Virtualization Overview.

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Performance Center Administration

We've made usability and UI improvements, and moved additional tasks such as cloud management, maintenance tasks, and diagnostics from ALM Lab Admin to Performance Center Administration. For details see Manage cloud hosts, Schedule automated maintenance tasks, and Manage diagnostics servers.

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TruWeb protocol

Performance Center now includes the TruWeb protocol, the next generation Web/HTTP protocol, providing a lightweight, scalable, cross-platform solution using a brand new JavaScript SDK and engine. See TruWeb Protocol.

Note: The TruWeb protocol is provided as a tech preview version.

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Entity unlocker

Added the Entity Unlocker tool which enables you to easily recover disconnected sessions. For details, see Download Applications dialog box.

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Performance Center’s support for API testing now includes the following updates:

Create goal-oriented schedule

Now you can decide which goal you want the test to reach, and Performance Center automatically builds a schedule for you based on these goals. For details, see test entity XML.

User authentication

You can get a list of domains or projects for the authenticated user.

For details, see Authentication.

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