Download Applications dialog box

This dialog box enables you to download various standalone applications for use with Performance Center.

To access: From the Performance Center navigation toolbar, click and select Download Applications (under Applications).

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Standalone VuGen

Enables you to create Vuser scripts for performance tests. Using VuGen, you record business processes into test scripts and customize the scripts according to defined user behavior. For details working with VuGen, see the Virtual User Generator Help Center.

Standalone Analysis Enables you to analyze performance test data offline from any computer on which Analysis is installed. You use Analysis graphs and reports to organize and display performance test results and summarize system performance. For details working with Analysis, see the LoadRunner Help Center.
Standalone TruClient Component for recording and developing test scripts for Web-based applications. For more information, see the TruClient Help Center.
Standalone Load Generator

Enables you to generate load by running virtual users (Vusers). The Controller dictates the manner in which they start and stop running. There can be any number of load generators for a given test.

Standalone Monitor Over Firewall To enable monitoring of your servers from outside the firewall, you must install the Monitor Over Firewall component on designated machines inside the firewall. You first configure the Monitor Over Firewall agent to operate over a firewall. You then select the servers you want to monitor, and define the specific measurements that Performance Center collects for each monitored server.
Entity Unlocker

Enables you to unlock tests, scripts, timeslots, monitor profiles, and analysis templates for editing when they are locked by you in another session. This enables performance engineers to continue working without having to contact the Performance Center Administrator.

The logs are created in the \orchidtmp\LTLogger\EntityUnlocker folder.

When running on a machine with Performance Center server, a load generator, or Analysis, the log is created in the <PC Server, Host, or Analysis installation directory>\orchidtmp\LTLogger\EntityUnlocker\ folder. For example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Performance Center Server\orchidtmp\LTLogger\EntityUnlocker

On a machine that does not have any of these products installed, the log is created in the <Entity Unlocker installation directory>\orchidtmp\LTLogger\EntityUnlocker folder. For example


Note: This application requires .NET Framework 4.5.2.

MI Listener Component for the MI Listener machine used in running Vusers and monitoring over the firewall. For more information, refer to "Working with Firewalls" in the Performance Center Installation Guide.
PAL Data Set Creator

Enables you to create PAL production data sets using data from Microsoft IIS W3C Extended Log Format, Google Analytics, and Webtrends. For details, see PAL Data Set Creator wizard.

Script Development Tools

Includes the following tools:

  • Agent for Citrix Server. Installs an optional component on the server machine which enhances VuGen's capabilities in identifying Citrix client objects.

  • Agent for Microsoft Terminal Server. Used for extended RDP protocol record-replay. This component runs on the server side, and is used to create and run enhanced RDP scripts.

Virtual Table Server (VTS) Installs a tool that shares data and parameters between LoadRunner Vusers. VTS uses a centralized repository to store data, enabling it to be shared between Vusers during performance tests. For details, see the Virtual User Generator Help Center.
Add-ins for Visual Studio IDE Installs a component that enables you to create and run scripts written in your standard development environment, in the application's native language. Download the add-in that matches your version of Visual Studio, and run the add-in's executable file.
Add-in for Eclipse IDE Installs a component that enables you to create a Java Vuser script in Eclipse. For details, see the Virtual User Generator Help Center.
Add-in for IntelliJ IDE

Installs a component that enables you to create and edit a Java protocol script in a JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA environment. For details, see the Virtual User Generator Help Center.

Available in versions: 12.62 and later

VuGen Script Converter Installs the VuGen Script Converter that enables converting NUnit/JUnit tests to VuGen scripts in order to run them in Performance Center.

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