Manage diagnostics servers

The Diagnostics page enables you to add and manage J2EE/.NET diagnostics servers.

Diagnostics overview

The Diagnostics integration with Performance Center allows you to monitor and analyze the performance of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and .NET-connected environments.

During a performance test, you can drill down into diagnostics data for the whole test or for a particular transaction. After the test, you can use Analysis to analyze offline diagnostics data generated during the test.

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Add a diagnostics server

This task describes how to add a diagnostics server to allow you to monitor and analyze J2EE/.NET environments.

  1. In Performance Center Administration, select Maintenance > Diagnostics.

  2. Click Add Diagnostics Server and provide the following details:

    UI Elements


    Server Name

    The logical name given to the server when it was created.

    Machine Name / IP

    The name or IP address of the mediator/server.


    A description of the server.


    Enter the port number used by the diagnostics server.

    Default: 2006

    SSL Enabled

    Select Enabled if Performance Center is communicating with Diagnostics through SSL.

    User Name

    Enter the user name with which you log on to Micro Focus Diagnostics.

    Note: The user name that you specify should have view, change, and execute privileges. For details about user privileges, see the Micro Focus Diagnostics Installation and Configuration Guide.


    Enter the password you use to log on to Micro Focus Diagnostics.

    Default: Admin

  3. Click Save to add the diagnostics server to the grid.

  4. To display only those servers that meet the criteria that you define, use the Filter button. For details see Filter.

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