Performance Center and Jenkins

If your product development methodology includes continuous integration, you should be running performance tests as part of your builds.

This section describes the Jenkins plugin, and how it enables you to use continuous performance testing in production.

Continuous integration with Jenkins

As more software companies utilize continuous integration practices, you may also need to integrate performance tests into your testing process. This integration helps developers insure that new builds did not introduce regressions.

The Micro Focus Application Automation Tools plugin for the Jenkins continuous integration server provides a mechanism for executing performance tests as part of a build script. This plugin allows you to trigger a Performance Center test as a build step and present the results in the Jenkin's user interface.

You can only integrate performance tests which have service level agreements (SLAs). This allows you to quickly determine whether the test passed or failed and if performance was affected.

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Set up a Jenkins server and install the Application Automation Tools plugin

To run Performance Center tests, you need to perform the following:

  1. Install the Jenkins server.

  2. Install the Micro Focus Application Automation Tools plugin.

    For details on downloading, installing, and configuring this plugin, see the Application Automation Tools wiki page.

    Note: The Jenkins plugin requires an administrator account.

  3. Set up a Jenkins job to run tests using Performance Center.

    1. Create a Jenkins project to run Performance Center tests.

    2. Follow the instructions in the Application Automation Tools wiki page to build a free-style software project, and add build steps that run tests using Performance Center. For details, see Performance Center Integration.

  4. This plugin also enables you to view Performance Center Trend reports. For details on configuring Trend report charts, see Configuring Trending Report Charts on Jenkins.

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Configure the Performance Center-Octane integration

You can bring performance test run results into ALM Octane using ALM Octane pipelines, and include them in the overall analysis of your product.

For details on configuring the integration, see Automated testing flow in the Octane Help Center.

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