Manage projects

You create and manage projects from the Projects page in LoadRunner Enterprise Administration.

You can perform the following actions:

Action Description
Migrate existing projects

To work with projects from a previous version of LoadRunner Enterprise, you first need to upgrade your projects to ALM 12.60 before you can migrate them to LoadRunner Enterprise 2020. For details, see Migrate projects to LoadRunner Enterprise.

Upgrade projects

You can upgrade projects that were migrated to LoadRunner Enterprise 2020 from ALM, or that were created in LoadRunner Enterprise 2020, to the latest version of LoadRunner Enterprise. For details, see Upgrade projects to a new version.

Create new projects and domains

You can create new LoadRunner Enterprise projects and domains in LoadRunner Enterprise Administration; projects are grouped by domain. Domains assist you in organizing and managing a large number of projects.

For details, see Create projects and domains.

Modify project settings

You can view and modify project settings from the Project tabs in LoadRunner Enterprise Administration. This includes project details, project database, assigned users, VUDs transactions, and the project log.

Remove and restore projects

Removes a LoadRunner Enterprise project from the Projects list (the project is not deleted from the server and can be restored). For details, see Remove and restore projects in LoadRunner Enterprise.

Delete projects and domains Deletes a project or domain from the server (after a project is deleted, it cannot be restored). For details, see Delete domains and projects.
Activate and deactivate projects

Activates or deactivates projects (the project remains on the server). For details, see Deactivate and activate a project.

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