hosts XML

The fields in the response are:

Element Description
Host The top-level element.
Name The host name.
Installation The installation type:
  • Unix
  • WindowsHost
  • WindowsStandaloneLG

HostPurposes Can contain HostPurpose sub elements with any combination of the following:
  • Controller
  • LoadGenerator
  • DataProcessor

Status The status can be:
  • Operational
  • NonOperational
  • Unavailable
Location (Optional) A valid location name defined in LAB_PPROJECT. If not provided, the default location is used.

Optional when the location is not defined as over a firewall (OFW).

When the location is an OFW location, the value should be the name of a valid MIListener that is defined in LAB_PPROJECT.


Can contain Attribute sub elements in order to set Host properties values.


Attribute value should contain Host Properties values as defined in LAB_PROJECT under Project Customization > Project Lists > Host Properties.

You can specify multiple Attribute elements using either the default host attributes (as in the example below) or any custom attribute defined by the user.

Priority A numeric value between 1 and 9.

One of:

  • true
  • false

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