Searching Entities

There are several ways you can search for entities. You can perform a basic entity search or use the query builder to create a custom search query that uses comparison and logical operators. You can use the results of a search you perform with the Request Browser to create entity groups that you can use to display and track information.

Tip: You can also perform a simple search using the search box that is located in the upper-right corner of the PPM interface. Use the search box to quickly access an entity (by typing the entity—or request—number) or a menu item (by typing any part of the menu name to display a list of corresponding menu items).

After you have performed a search, you can save it and run it again.

For instructions for searching entities and using the query builder, see the Getting Started guide and the  Demand Management User Guide. For information about using a Request Browser search to create entity groups, see the example in the Application Portfolio Management Analyst's Guide and the instructions in the Demand Management User Guide.

Tip: You can also search for entities from the Search > Entities and Open > Application Portfolio > Search Entities options on the menu bar.